The Year 2019

Universally, 2019 is a year that focuses on Communication.

This is a year of innovations with new ways of communicating, in the field of technology, creative expression and all forms of social interactions.

This is a year of confidence building through understanding one’s value and what each one can contribute to society, to make the world a better place.

Interactions between each one play a prominent role, as the focus is towards creating anew with buoyancy and joy.

For this, camaraderie within groups becomes essential.

Short journeys would be on the cards, relating to creative endeavours, celebrations, fun activities or romantic getaways.

This year, in addition, may bring up strong emotional energies that would need to be addressed. This would arise due to the way one views one’s self. A change of perception may be what would be required, to bring about a more healthy and balanced view.

Alongside this, it would also require facing up to what one is truly feeling within, as opposed to concealing one’s feelings due to societal rebuke or due to a fear of criticism or low self esteem. The purpose of this happening is towards the releasing of suppressed emotions, that would tend to be harmful to one’s being if allowed to continue.

The ultimate goal is towards experiencing the joy of everyday living by moving along harmoniously with the flow of life.

The joyful, creative expressive energy is the hallmark of the 3 year. It is in the giving and sharing that the joy is experienced.

Mother Teresa says, “When I speak of joy, I do not identify it with loud laughter or with noise. This is not true happiness. Sometimes it hides other things.
When I speak of happiness, I refer to an inner and deep peace, which shows itself in our eyes, on our faces, in our attitudes, in our gestures, in our promptness…”

(In My Own Words (The Sayings of Mother Teresa)

An incident that Mother Teresa recounts explains what generosity, giving and sharing means…

One evening a gentleman came to our house and said, there is a Hindu family and the eight children have not eaten for a long time. Do something for them.”

And I took rice and I went immediately, and there was this mother, those little one’s faces, shining eyes from sheer hunger. She took the rice from my hand, she divided into two and she went out. When she came back, I asked her, where did you go? What did you do? And one answer she gave me: They are hungry also. She knew that the next door neighbor, a Muslim family, was hungry.

What surprised me most, not that she gave the rice, but what surprised me most, that in her suffering, in her hunger, she knew that somebody else was hungry, and she had the courage to share, share the love.”

( – Mother Teresa’s Acceptance Speech of the  Nobel Peace Prize 1979)

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