On God, Destiny, Mind & Soul…

ARUNACHALA A conversation between Ramana Maharishi (M) and a Devotee (D) on August 29th 1936 .... A Maharani Saheba spoke in a gentle and low voice, but quite audibly:  D.: “Maharajji, I have the good fortune to see you. My eyes have had the pleasure of seeing you, my ears the pleasure of hearing your [...]

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Golden Temple – Amritsar

Sri Harmandir Sahib - "The abode of God" - the Golden Temple. The most revered spiritual site of Sikhism. A place of worship for all men, women and children from all walks of life an from all religions, with the intention for all to worship God equally, with no distinction or discrimination towards anyone. All are treated [...]

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Kailash Manasarovar

MOUNT KAILASH - TIBET NGARI REGION Mount Kailash, (Sanskrit - Kailasa, from kelasa meaning ‘crystal’) or Gang Rinpoche (Tibetan - Gang meaning “Snow Peak”, Rinpoche meaning “Precious One”), is the world’s most revered holy site and is situated in the remote Ngari region in western Tibet. A huge mountain of unique black rock, [...]

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