Venus Retrograde July 2023-

Venus retrograde - July 2023 in the sign of Leo. Venus, the planet of relationships, retrogrades (seemingly) approximately every 18 months. From the 22nd of July till the 3rd of September, Venus goes retrograde (seemingly), in the sign of Leo, for a period of forty days. Venus Retrograde in Leo- The sign of Leo carries [...]

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The Full Moon of September 2022

The full moon in the month of September 2022 occurs on September 10th at 3:29 pm IST and 5:59 am EST. At this time the planet mercury (seemingly) turns retrograde, initiating a time of reversals, renewals, reunions, revisions, returns, repairs etc… for the next three weeks. All matters relating to communication would tend to go [...]

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October 2021 moon cycles

The month of October begins on a tense note. This happens especially in the first two weeks of the month as the prevailing energies intensify. The focus, during this month, lies on family, children, home matters, the community and relationships. The ‘mother’ figure plays a central role at this time. Something or someone needs looking [...]

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Wonderful, indeed, it is to subdue the mind –

The Dhammapada, (v.35), the sacred text of Buddha’s teachings, says, “Wonderful, indeed, it is to subdue the mind, so difficult to subdue, ever swift and seizing whatever it desires. A tamed mind brings happiness.” (The Dhammapada, (v.35) tr. by Acharya Buddharakkhita) On Quieting the Mind - If one had control over anything, as a human [...]

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Mars & the outer planets- end of August to end September 2020

As the month of August progresses and one moves into September, planet Mars and the outer planets begin to (appear to) slow down and change direction. This creates a period of highly potent energies. Whenever a planet appears to slow down and change direction, the effect of that planet intensifies during that period.  Planet Mars [...]

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On Relationship

The writings here reflect the views of some of the prominent teachers and sages of the 20th century and what they had to say on the Individual and its Relationship to the world. The words apparently flow from one to the other of its own accord, as each one speaks to reveal -   [...]

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The Act Of Giving

  'The act of giving' is a way of life, rooted in the ancient traditions. It stems from basic humanitarian values, inherent in every human being. In Buddhism, the act of giving is known as 'Dana', one of its three central practices. It lays emphasis on one's attitude or intent when giving. If done with good [...]

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Meditation with Compassion

Meditation is essential as a way to achieve calmness of the mind.  One day, while listening to a talk given by the Dalai Lama to a small group of people, this is the understanding that transpired - The Dalai Lama speaks of meditation as “shaping of the mind” through the mind itself. This influences the [...]

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