Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi said: “We are all really Sat-chit-ananda (Being-Knowledge-Bliss) but we imagine we are bound (by destiny) and have all this suffering.” “ Ask yourself to whom this ignorance has come and you will discover that it never came to you and that you always have been sat-chit-ananda. One goes through all sorts of [...]

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The Parable of the Chariot – Kathopanishad

  In the ancient Indian text of the Kathopanishad, the central theme revolves around the story of a young boy, Nachiketa– the son of Sage Vajasravasa, who meets Yama, the god of death (in the hindu religion) and asks to receive the secret knowledge of the nature of man, of the Soul and of liberation. [...]

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“ God created man; and man created God. They both are the originators of form and name only. In fact, neither God nor man was created.” (0ctober 20th 1936 - Talks with Sri Ramana Maharishi)

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What is Happiness?

On the nature of Happiness, Ramana Maharishi, in his talks of February 1935, explains as follows - “When there is contact of a desirable sort or memory thereof, and when there is freedom from undesirable contacts or memory thereof, we say there is happiness. Such happiness is relative and is better called pleasure.” “But men [...]

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