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Poonam R Ahuja is a research Numerologist and Astrologer. She now practises as a consultant and teacher of Numerology, Astrology and Sacred Geometry.

Along the way, with degrees in Psychology, English and Design, her focus began to shift to the wonders and mysteries of the Universe. A questioning had begun to grow, along with a deep desire to know more. A fascination in relation to the signs and symbols, that appeared to be inherent in every thing, (in this world of time and space), eventually guided her towards several years of study, research and practice in the fields of numerology, astrology and sacred geometry.

Having undertaken many journeys and treks in the Himalayas, Ladakh, Kashmir, and South India, she happened to encounter many holy persons, spiritual masters and sages. As a result, her meetings with them helped her gain a deep knowledge and insight into the ancient scriptures and culture of the lands.

“A fascination with numbers led to the blessed opportunities that happened along the way. This allowed for many years of in- depth study and research in the field of numerology, astrology and sacred geometry. The understanding gained, played a vital role in perceptions. This has been a guiding light through the various experiences of life.”

She now combines her knowledge and understanding, to create solutions towards harmonious relationships and a sense of well being in one’s life.

In reference to Numerology, she says, “I call it ‘the Story of Numbers’, for it does tell the story of one’s life.”