The Festival of Vesak

The day Of Vesak is one of the most important Buddhist festivals commemorating the birth of the Buddha. In the year 2020 it falls on the 7th of May. Vesak, also known as Buddha Purnima (full moon) or Buddha Jayanti (birthday), is the day of the full moon in the lunar month of Vesakha. (the [...]

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A Time For Namaste

As we bring our palms together, the left and the right, in front of the chest, we bow our heads, and center ourselves, united as One, in a gesture of Namaste. The word Namaste comes from the Sanskrit language. It was used as a salutation of worship and adoration in the ancient times. It means, [...]

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February 2020

February 2020 speaks of a time that focuses on the Responsibilities of the Family, Community, Nation. Whatever may have transpired in the previous month of January now needs to be taken care of through Service. During this month, a reversal may come into play, relating to the events and happenings of the last two months. [...]

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January 10th/11th/12th 2020 Planetary alignments

The Planetary configurations on January 10th/11th/12th 2020, collectively, is a rare occurrence. A lunar eclipse occurs simultaneously with a Saturn/Pluto/Mercury/Sun/Ceres conjunction, in the sign of Capricorn, (including additional planetary configurations). This makes this time period extremely significant and potent. It brings in a time of deep transformation and changes that occur not just on the [...]

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On God, Destiny, Mind & Soul…

ARUNACHALA A conversation between Ramana Maharishi (M) and a Devotee (D) on August 29th 1936 .... A Maharani Saheba spoke in a gentle and low voice, but quite audibly:  D.: “Maharajji, I have the good fortune to see you. My eyes have had the pleasure of seeing you, my ears the pleasure of hearing your [...]

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Coping with Emotions

Allowing the feelings to arise. Speaking it out to a trusted friend who will listen silently without judgement, or writing it all down.  Letting the tears etc., arise naturally if it needs to.  Then viewing it from the larger picture. Seeing it as a happening that was meant to be. God’s will arising in the [...]

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