January 10th/11th/12th 2020 Planetary alignments

The Planetary configurations on January 10th/11th/12th 2020, collectively, is a rare occurrence.

A lunar eclipse occurs simultaneously with a Saturn/Pluto/Mercury/Sun/Ceres conjunction, in the sign of Capricorn, (including additional planetary configurations). This makes this time period extremely significant and potent.

It brings in a time of deep transformation and changes that occur not just on the surface, but from the roots. Therefore it signifies a time of uprooting all that is in decay in order to plant new seeds and start afresh.

For this to happen, some form of upheaval may be experienced, in order to maintain universal balance and alignment. (An analogy of a seesaw may be mentioned, where the weight is distributed unevenly. This may cause one side to sky rocket while the other side hits the ground. A re-distribution of weight is required to bring it back into balance on the same level).

The significant areas of concern point to governmental matters, issues of authority, and power driven enterprises & organizations. This would also include matters pertaining to the interests of the world at large, that are primarily dictated by those in power and positions of authority. 

Hence, the present planetary configurations indicate the destruction, annihilation, transformation of any structural framework, that is not in harmony with universal principles. This happens in order to build anew… something that will withstand the tests of time with strength and harmony.

On a personal level, the significance is the same where matters of power, authority, control come into focus and have to be dealt with. The energy seems all consuming and perhaps painful to some and elevating to others. But for all, it is intense.

The solar eclipse of December 26th 2019 planted the seeds. This then began to sprout during the waxing moon, and now emerges fully during the full moon/lunar eclipse of January 10th 2020.

Change is inevitable. That is how growth happens.

At the same time everything is cyclic…coming back full circle.

What one could do is to go with the flow…to keep the Faith with Prayer and with Gratitude…knowing that all is being balanced and aligned… for we are all interconnected as one fabric… that is life. 

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