On Relationship

The writings here reflect the views of some of the prominent teachers and sages of the 20th century and what they had to say on the Individual and its Relationship to the world. The words apparently flow from one to the other of its own accord, as each one speaks to reveal -   [...]

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The Act Of Giving

  'The act of giving' is a way of life, rooted in the ancient traditions. It stems from basic humanitarian values, inherent in every human being. In Buddhism, the act of giving is known as 'Dana', one of its three central practices. It lays emphasis on one's attitude or intent when giving. If done with good [...]

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Meditation with Compassion

Meditation is essential as a way to achieve calmness of the mind.  One day, while listening to a talk given by the Dalai Lama to a small group of people, this is the understanding that transpired - The Dalai Lama speaks of meditation as “shaping of the mind” through the mind itself. This influences the [...]

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The Astrological Correlation of Past Pandemics & Epidemics with Covid-19

The Astrological Correlation of Past Pandemics & Epidemics with Covid-19, is a research study. It presents an overview of the major planetary configurations, occurring during eclipses, at the time of the outbreak of an epidemic/pandemic. The study is a lengthy yet interesting read. It provides an insight into the nature of these epidemics and pandemics, such [...]

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