Your Birthdate Reveals Your Life Lessons

Your Birthdate Reveals Your Life Lessons Add all the digits of your birthdate together - day + month + year Bring it down to a single digit, 1 to 9. example: 18 + 10 + 2017 = 38 = 11 = 2 Based on the number derived, read the following to understand the [...]

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Full Moon – November 4th 2017

The full moon of November 2017......A time of reflection. When doors are closed, it gives one the desire and opportunity to break it down. When hatred and venom is spewed, it arouses in one, anger and violence. When distrust is shown, it invites dishonesty and pretense. When harsh criticism is given, it causes rebellion. But [...]

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November 2017

The month of November 2017 brings in Communication, Clarity, Creativity! The three C’s! A month of setting things right through communication. Clarity being the key, the importance lies in expressing one’s self in complete honesty, removing any sugar coating that obscures the truth. Now is the time to speak up and say what needs to [...]

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