The Year 2024

A GENERAL OVERVIEW- The year 2024 brings an energy of increased activity and encounters.  The central theme is of power, control and management.  Monetary/material matters are also highlighted through the year. On a deeper level, the focus would be towards testing one’s strength and powers of endurance.  Additionally one’s ability to take charge and extend [...]

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Solar Eclipse of October 14th 2023

A  Solar eclipse occurs on Saturday October 14th 2023 in the sign of Libra (tropical zodiac).  This is an annular eclipse or ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse and can be viewed from the USA, and  parts of Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Brazil. “An annular solar eclipse happens when the Moon covers the Sun's center, [...]

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Venus Retrograde July 2023-

Venus retrograde - July 2023 in the sign of Leo. Venus, the planet of relationships, retrogrades (seemingly) approximately every 18 months. From the 22nd of July till the 3rd of September, Venus goes retrograde (seemingly), in the sign of Leo, for a period of forty days. Venus Retrograde in Leo- The sign of Leo carries [...]

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The Year 2023

Hello to 2023! - a year that carries the energy of water -  This year is one of introspection and contemplation; of spending time by oneself, of experiencing the quietude; of seeking and gaining knowledge; of perfecting oneself in a specific field; of understanding one’s relation to all. During this year of 2023, relationships and [...]

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The Full Moon of September 2022

The full moon in the month of September 2022 occurs on September 10th at 3:29 pm IST and 5:59 am EST. At this time the planet mercury (seemingly) turns retrograde, initiating a time of reversals, renewals, reunions, revisions, returns, repairs etc… for the next three weeks. All matters relating to communication would tend to go [...]

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The New Moon of May 2022

The New Moon of May 30th 2022, occurs at 5 pm IST / 7.30 am EST. This signifies a time of new beginnings, a time to sow the seeds.  Presently, the focus lies on all forms of communication, including short journeys. It also relates to matters concerning one’s close relations, including one’s siblings. Mercury Retrograde [...]

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