The Solar Eclipse of April 30th/ May 1st

Arunachala –

As we enter a new month, the Solar Eclipse of April 30th/ May 1st 2022, greets us, signifying new beginnings.

The Solar Eclipse –

The partial solar eclipse begins at 12.15 pm IST on April 30th and ends on May 1st at 4:07 am IST.

The path of the eclipse moves across the southeast Pacific and southern South America. (It is not visible in India).

The Impact –

Eclipses always tend to portend long term, impactful events.

The timing of the solar eclipse of April 30th/ May 1st is one of great intensity. It brings with it sudden occurrences, as indicated by the planetary alignments.

The areas affected by this eclipse, in the world overall, (it will differ in each one’s personal chart), would be in matters relating to finance, earned income, one’s possessions, values and one’s daily sustenance as well. This would also include the relations that we value as in close family members etc.

This is where sudden occurrences would have begun to happen at this time. These matters would tend to reach a point of culmination by the full moon on May 15th, when a lunar eclipse occurs.

Other Planetary Influences –

On another level, changes, delays, returns, re-workings & re-doings are all on the cards. This would also include technology related glitches that are bound to happen during this period, continuing on and off for the next few weeks.

A Solution –

For one’s well being, The Svetasvatara Upanishad gives one a way to overcome the internal disturbances that tend to arise at this time…

“…If a wise man hold his body with its three erect parts (chest, neck, and head) even 2, and turn his senses with the mind towards the heart, he will then in the boat of Brahman, cross all the torrents which cause fear.

Compressing his breathings let him, who has subdued all motions, breathe forth through the nose with gentle breath. Let the wise man without fail restrain his mind, that chariot yoked with vicious horses…”

(Svetasvatara Upanishad (p.241) – translation by Max Muller 1879)

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