The Patterns of Past Pandemics and Covid-19

The Mercury transit in November 2019 Why do global diseases happen? A simplistic, philosophical view of the universal principles/laws, shows us that life is cyclic in nature. Birth and death, growth and decay, represent the ongoing wheel of life in this physical world. Balance is essential in everything, as All are interconnected. Yet at the same time, what begins [...]

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April 2020

The month of April 2020 calls for endurance, patience and strength, in the aftermath of what has transpired in the weeks gone by. The full moon on the 7th/8th of April carries a very strong vibration, an amplification of all that has happened, relating to life and living with the recent pandemic. It brings with [...]

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A Time For Namaste

As we bring our palms together, the left and the right, in front of the chest, we bow our heads, and center ourselves, united as One, in a gesture of Namaste. The word Namaste comes from the Sanskrit language. It was used as a salutation of worship and adoration in the ancient times. It means, [...]

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