The Patterns of Past Pandemics and Covid-19

The Mercury transit in November 2019

Why do global diseases happen?

A simplistic, philosophical view of the universal principles/laws, shows us that life is cyclic in nature. Birth and death, growth and decay, represent the ongoing wheel of life in this physical world. Balance is essential in everything, as All are interconnected. Yet at the same time, what begins must eventually come to an end, to birth anew. When the scales tip, realigning is needed. Therefore something has to change on a global scale.

Hence, a global realigning happens. This becomes a wake-up call for us to balance, thereby helping us to be in harmony with Nature and live a more wholesome life.

One may take note that a virus does not differentiate between caste, creed or designation. There is no hierarchy that exists in the human being. All humans function as a human organism – “the human organism is composed of many organ systems that work together to perform the functions of an independent individual.” ( Therefore everyone is on a level playing field. If any difference need be noted, it would perhaps be where one may have a stronger immune system. This would enable one to combat a disease better than one with a weaker immune system.

The meaning of “Balance” may be explained in the children’s story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” ( a British 19th century fairytale). It provides a perfect analogy towards understanding the concept of balance… “not too hot, not too cold, but just right; not too hard, not to soft, but just right.” Hence the middle is always just right. This applies not only to every individual being, but to the universe as a whole.

Patterns in the Universe

In the world of metaphysics (a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of existence and the first cause), we can see patterns, that underlie universal laws and principles. These tend to repeat at regular intervals in varying degrees of intensity.

One way to understand these patterns, is to view our solar system and the movement of the planets, stars and other heavenly bodies.

Astronomy maps this movement and is able to give us a precise location of every planet, star or other heavenly body for a vast time period. This could be for a hundred years ago or a hundred years hence.

The live solar system map… plots the position of the Earth and planets using data from this NASA’s JPL website and is accurate between 3000BC and 3000AD.” (

This brings us to the realization that the cycle goes on irrespective of an individual being’s desires or needs. A heavenly body will not stop in its tracks just because one desired it to do so. It would continue on its path based on its existing pattern… a pattern that has been created for each aspect of the entire universe.

“…As the stars move through the sky, they stay in the same patterns. That is, the apparent “distance” between any two stars never changes. A given pattern of stars may move across the sky and turn sideways or even upside-down, but it won’t grow larger or smaller, or change its shape in any other way.” (

Therefore, for major events to happen, specific patterns would be at play at a given time. These patterns would tend to give rise to such occurrences as pandemics, that affect the world at large.

A pandemic is defined as “an epidemic occurring over a very wide area, crossing international boundaries, and usually affecting a large number of people.” (

An Astrological Overview

Astrology shows us these patterns through “the study of movements and relative positions of celestial bodies, interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.” (

Without going into the technical aspects, the following overview clearly shows the correlation between the past pandemics and the present pandemic Covid-19 in relation to the patterns at play.

The Past Pandemics of the 1900’s and 2000’s and Covid-19

Historically, going down the timeline and noting all the major Pandemics that occurred in the 1900’s and 2000’s, with a special mention of the Black Plague, the research study (in brief) presented the following –

1. CORONAVIRUS SARS CoV-2 – 2019-2020

2. H1NI PANDEMIC – 2009




6. 6th CHOLERA PANDEMIC – 1899-1923

7. THE PLAGUE – Black Death – 1334

The Patterns of the Planetary Configurations

The patterns that occurred at the beginning and during the course of all of the above Pandemics showed the following configurations –

(The focus here is on the major planetary configurations (conjunctions and oppositions, with the planets, Chiron and the nodes) that occurred specifically during eclipses, in the year of the pandemic.)

a. One or more of the slow moving planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) were in conjunction (close together), opposition or square (90 degree angle) with each other and/or with the nodes (north & south).

Slow moving planets always have long term effects as their energies tend to be in effect for longer periods of time.
The north and south nodes are shadow planets and positioned 180 degrees away from each other. The north node (rahu) represents the illusory and the material, while the south node (ketu) represents the impermanent and the spiritual.
When one or more of the slow moving planets are in conjunction, opposition or square with another and/or with either of the nodes, it creates a potent and powerful combination that gets triggered when an eclipse occurs during that time.

b. Jupiter and/or Pluto were always present (in the pattern), in conjunction with one of the nodes.

Jupiter amplifies as it represents growth and movement.
Pluto uproots and transforms with intensity.
A combination of Jupiter and Pluto amplifies the intensity of the transformation process.

c. The comet Chiron was always present (in the pattern), in conjunction, opposition or square (90 degree angle) with one or more of the slow moving planets and/or with the nodes.

Chiron (known as the wounded healer) represents one’s wounds on the physical, mental and emotional plane and the ability to heal those wounds. In Greek mythology Chiron is known for his wisdom and knowledge of medicine.

d. When eclipses occurred in the year of the pandemic, they were always in conjunction, opposition or square to a slow moving planet and/or to Chiron, and would thereby trigger the energies (of the planetary configuration) to create the worldwide event.

Eclipses happen when the sun/moon are near the nodes. The closer they are to the nodes, the more powerful the effect. A Solar eclipse happens when the sun and moon are in conjunction (close together) and a Lunar eclipse happens when the sun and moon are in opposition (180 degrees apart). They generally occur four times a year on average, out of which two are always solar eclipses. Eclipses tend to have long term and far reaching effects, especially when they occur with the above configurations and in close conjunction to the nodes.

(There are other planetary/heavenly body configurations that happen, in addition to the above, but without the above configurations, a worldwide event such as a pandemic would likely not occur.)

The past Pandemics came to an end when the slow moving planets began to move away from being in major aspect (as described above) with the other slow moving planet/ planets, Chiron and the nodes. The eclipses were no longer triggering the energies of the above planetary configurations as those configurations no longer existed. This would denote the completion of the event.

Covid-19 and the the present time – 2020


Covid-19, in the year 2020, began with the impact of the following two eclipses –

On December 26th 2019, a solar eclipse occurred forming a conjunction with Jupiter (which was in conjunction with the south node).
At the same time, the solar eclipse was forming a square with Chiron. 

On January 10th/11th 2020, a lunar eclipse occurred forming an opposition to Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter (which was in exact conjunction with the south node).
At the same time Jupiter was in square with Chiron. 

All the above configurations comply with points a, b, c, & d, all of which occurred in past pandemics.

Taking the Flu Pandemic of 1918 (Spanish flu) as an example, we shall see the planetary configurations that occurred at the time of the eclipses in the month of June 1918 –

On June 8th 1918, a solar eclipse occurred forming an exact conjunction with the planet Jupiter (which was in conjunction with the south node) and with Pluto.
At the same time, Chiron was in square with Pluto. 

On June 24th 1918, a lunar eclipse occurred forming an opposition to Pluto and Jupiter (which was in conjunction with the south node).
At the same time, the lunar eclipse was forming a square with Chiron. 

It may be seen that the configurations of both the Pandemics are clearly correlated, and share all the configurations of points a,b,c,d, (that occurred during all the past pandemics mentioned above).


The next three upcoming eclipses on June 5th/ June 21st and July 5th give the  following planetary configurations –

On June 4th/5th 2020, a lunar eclipse occurs forming a square with Neptune and Mars. Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are in conjunction and retrograde.

At this time, the configuration is not as powerful, as none of the slow moving planets are in conjunction with either of the nodes and neither Chiron, Saturn, Jupiter or Pluto are in aspect with the eclipse. 

Though Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are still in conjunction (close together), they are in retrograde motion. This would indicate a time of reorientation based on everything that has transpired since the beginning of the year – a reorientation of one’s mindset and perceptions, a reorientation of the government, a reorientation of one’s movements and so on…( as opposed to new and increased happenings).

The eclipse forming a square with Neptune and Mars points to the chronic, ambiguous health situation that has developed and the fight against it, but does not necessarily indicate an increase in the spreading.

Therefore, at the beginning of June, the planetary configurations occurring at the time of the eclipse, would likely indicate a slow down of the virus.

On June 21st 2020, a solar eclipse occurs forming a square with Mars and a (far) square with Chiron. Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are in conjunction and retrograde.

A solar eclipse signifies something initiated that would come to light during the next lunar eclipse or full moon, though the slow down continues.

On July 5th/6th 2020, a lunar eclipse occurs forming a (far) conjunction with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn (all retrograde) and a square with Chiron and Mars.

On July 20th 2020, the new moon occurs in opposition to the conjunction of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter.

This planetary configuration during the eclipse, in the month of July,  may likely indicate a minor second wave (perhaps in the southern hemisphere). Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are involved this time, together with Chiron. The minor second wave may be of short duration, slowing down by mid to end August, when the new moon of August 18th is in a harmonious position.

Towards the end of September, Saturn goes direct forming a square with Mars that turned retrograde a few weeks earlier. This time may be troublesome (based on the overall changes taking place in the world), as Pluto is also stationary, going direct in early October. Jupiter, (which went direct in September), conjoins Pluto in October till mid November, and Mars goes direct at that time as well. Therefore, the energies become quite intense at this time and would tend to continue till the next eclipse at the end of November.


On November 29th/30 2020, a lunar eclipse occurs without any major aspects.

On December 14th 2020, a lunar eclipse occurs with a square to Neptune and a trine (harmonious) to Mars.

Saturn and Jupiter are in conjunction, becoming exact on December 21st.

The last two eclipses of 2020, herald in a time of life changing structures.

The Saturn/ Jupiter conjunction brings in a new world order, creating a new way of life and living.


There seems to exist a certain mathematical order in the physical universe of time and space. All is vibration, constantly moving and aligning, as seen in the daily movement of the planets that revolve around the sun. There exists a rhythm at the heart of the universe, a beat that is constant, though seemingly ever evolving. 

By living in accordance with Nature’s laws, we will begin to understand the great Cosmic rhythm that lies within all of us.

(This is a condensed version of a more detailed paper based on my research study, titled – “The Astrological Correlation of Past Pandemics/Epidemics with Covid-19”.)

“The Patterns of Past Pandemics and Covid-19,” by Poonam R Ahuja, 2020 ( Copyright [2020] by Poonam R Ahuja.

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