November 2019

November brings in a dynamic energy, with innovative ideas and new directions. After the 21st of the month, these ideas would likely begin to move forward. The new moon occurs on November 26th, a good time for new beginnings thereafter. This would be a month of change. A time to review and revise and incorporate [...]

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Coping with Emotions

Allowing the feelings to arise. Speaking it out to a trusted friend who will listen silently without judgement, or writing it all down.  Letting the tears etc., arise naturally if it needs to.  Then viewing it from the larger picture. Seeing it as a happening that was meant to be. God’s will arising in the [...]

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October 2019

As the ending of the year draws closer, implementation would be the key word in this month of October. The events that transpired at the beginning of the year, in the first few months, now seem to come to fruition tangibly. This would give an indication of how the coming year would tend to play [...]

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