Solar Eclipse of October 14th 2023

A  Solar eclipse occurs on Saturday October 14th 2023 in the sign of Libra (tropical zodiac). 

This is an annular eclipse or ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse and can be viewed from the USA, and  parts of Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Brazil.

“An annular solar eclipse happens when the Moon covers the Sun’s center, leaving the Sun’s visible outer edges to form a “ring of fire” or annulus around the Moon.”


The partial solar eclipse begins at 15:03 UTC time / 11:03 am EST; the maximum eclipse is at 17:59 UTC time / 1:59 pm EST; the eclipse ends at 20:55 UTC time / 4:55 pm EST (according to timeanddate).

Effects of an Eclipse-

Eclipses tend to be impactful and tend to have intense and long term effects. 

In general, a solar eclipse is a new moon period, symbolising a time of ‘new beginnings’. 

Invariably, during eclipses, one may expect sudden changes or occurrences.

There may be endings towards new beginnings.

Experiences of a deeply emotional nature may occur and perhaps some health issues as well.

Unexpected news or messages may be received, taking one by surprise.

The last time a solar eclipse occurred around the same degree in the sign of Libra was on October 14th 2004.

Hence, one may recall the events that may have occurred around that time in order to understand, (to some extent), the happenings of the present time.

(Specifically, on a personal level, events would impact each one as per their personal astrological charts.)

What is the significance of this solar eclipse?

At this time, the solar eclipse in the sign of Libra (tropical zodiac) would relate to one’s relationships, partnerships, dependencies in one’s life etc. 

Additionally, this solar eclipse of October 14th 2023 is in conjunction to the south node. 

The south node conjunction symbolises a release of some sort, a compromise or a letting go… perhaps signifying detachment in some way towards a more balanced and healthier outcome… or perhaps having to let go entirely due to circumstances beyond one’s control…

Libra is a sign of diplomacy and co-dependency. Mediation and negotiation are hallmarks of this sign. Hence, matters relating to these themes would tend to arise…

The opposite sign of Libra is Aries where the north node is currently transiting. Here the symbolism is of the self, the ego, the personal. 

The north node in the sign of Aries would signify imbibing an independent, fearless and determined stance.

Aries is a sign that is fiery, assertive, and highly impulsive, with a fighting spirit and a desire to initiate and lead. Hence, matters relating to these themes would arise…

In the overall picture, the planetary placements, during this solar eclipse, appear to be more in conflict with each other than not.

Hence, one may look at this time period as a conflicting time that seems to be focused on communication with powerful forces  and authoritarian figures. 

Additionally, these planetary alignments point to open wounds as well, giving rise to a time of deep healing.  

Lunar Eclipse – October 28th 2023

A lunar eclipse (a full moon) occurs after a period of two weeks, on October 28th 2023 in conjunction to the north node this time.

This would be a time of impactful ‘culminations’ with long term effects. 

The eclipse occurs in the sign of Taurus (tropical zodiac), laying emphasis on one’s personal values, possessions, financial matters and daily sustenance… and brings into question one’s shared resources and deep, hidden matters.

Full moons tend to bring matters to light. Hence everything that occurs few weeks prior to the full moon, would then become clearer and out in the open at the time of the full moon…

How can one help oneself?

During a solar eclipse / new moon period, it is best to wait for some days before making any major decisions, till matters unfold and gradually come to light during the waxing moon phase.

October 2023 is a time that tests one’s strength and endurance, as issues of control and power play enter the picture.

Hence, bringing oneself to a balanced space, within, would help to reduce the emotional impact and intensity that may arise at this time.

Sri Ramana Maharishi’s teachings on Faith would show the way-

“Faith does not mean the conviction that what one wants will come about or prayer be granted…

Faith means surrender to and trust in this pure being, whether he considers it other than himself or the very essence of himself. That means abnegation (rejection) of the individual being or ego.

It means…complete subordination to That to which it prays.

This results in removal of the obstructions to the free flow of the Divine Harmony, that is to say to an attitude of “Thy Will be done”, whether verbally expressed or not. 

And since the Divine Harmony is what is right and necessary, such an attitude does in fact bring about the answering of prayers, especially of unasked prayers, since even the asking is an intrusion of self-will.

Sri Bhagavan says that if one is firm in the belief that a Higher Power guides us, there need not be any concern about what happens. Then all doubts are cleared and the devotee will remain perfectly happy in his faith in the Omnipotent.”

“The faith of each is in accordance with his nature, O Bharata. The man is made up of his faith; as a man’s faith is, so is he.”

(Bhagavad Gita, XVII.3)
(For Those With Little Dust – Selected Writings of Arthur Osborne)

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