January 10th/11th/12th 2020 Planetary alignments

The Planetary configurations on January 10th/11th/12th 2020, collectively, is a rare occurrence. A lunar eclipse occurs simultaneously with a Saturn/Pluto/Mercury/Sun/Ceres conjunction, in the sign of Capricorn, (including additional planetary configurations). This makes this time period extremely significant and potent. It brings in a time of deep transformation and changes that occur not just on the [...]

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On God, Destiny, Mind & Soul…

ARUNACHALA A conversation between Ramana Maharishi (M) and a Devotee (D) on August 29th 1936 .... A Maharani Saheba spoke in a gentle and low voice, but quite audibly:  D.: “Maharajji, I have the good fortune to see you. My eyes have had the pleasure of seeing you, my ears the pleasure of hearing your [...]

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