Mars & the outer planets- end of August to end September 2020

As the month of August progresses and one moves into September, planet Mars and the outer planets begin to (appear to) slow down and change direction. This creates a period of highly potent energies.

Whenever a planet appears to slow down and change direction, the effect of that planet intensifies during that period. 

Planet Mars

In astrological terms, Mars (named after the Roman god of war) relates to one’s basic survival, physical energy, drive, passions, courage, heat and impulsiveness.

From mid August 2020, Mars begins ( to appear) to slow down. It now readies itself to change direction to go retrograde (in reverse) on September 10th. Hence, the days just before and after this date would tend to be challenging.

The Three Outer Planets –

Concerning the outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are the ones primarily responsible for the current events of 2020 (due to their present positions in the sky).

In September, these three planets (all currently retrograde since end April/May), begin (to appear) to slow down as well, as they get ready to change direction and move forward again.

Jupiter turns direct on September 13th, Saturn turns direct on September 29th, and Pluto turns direct on October 5th.

The Effects –

Hence, many of the days in September would tend to be intense. For all these planets would appear to have slowed down at this time.

Additionally, Mars forms a disharmonious configuration with the three planets (which are currently in conjunction).

As a result, in some areas of the world, the effects of Mars and the outer planets would tend to play out somewhat adversely (based on their relative positions in the sky). Therefore, for some, the experiences at this time may be troubling and problematic. 

Overall, this means that, presently, but especially in the month of September, taking utmost precautions in health matters is most crucial. Accordingly, it would be advisable to follow all the guidelines, till this time period passes. 

For everything passes eventually. Hence Patience is a virtue, however difficult it may seem to be.

In conclusion, this being a general guideline for the coming days, it would be wise to continue to be vigilant and careful. 

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