The Year 2022 and the January Moon Cycles

2022 – a year focused on responsibilities… a year to nurture.

The general Themes of 2022 –

2022 is a year of taking care of someone… a year of looking after someone.

One’s daily sustenance too, plays an important role at this time.

The year 2022 would also see music and the arts playing a prominent role. The focus would be on one’s well being. For, now, more than ever, bringing harmony and balance into one’s daily living begins to take precedence.

In relationships, one’s Family, Children and Community would be the priority.

Over and above all, the key energy of the year is to set a stable foundation. 

How does this happen?

The year 2022 calls for stability all around. Yet for stability to be felt, a mechanical way of putting things in order would tend not to work, for it would likely not sustain.

What would be required is careful listening… that is, listening to the inner voice that guides…the voice/sound that would lead one to establish this stable foundation… one that will sustain. 

The analogy would be like the waters of earth…

”Snow and ice slowly melt over time to become liquid water, which provides a steady flow of fresh water to streams, rivers, and lakes below.” 

(lumen – physical geography)

The key words being “to provide a steady flow” … with the steady flow, the foundation is stable and sustains…

The Flow of the Year –

The First Half –

As the year begins, the humanitarian side of life, including the artistic, imaginative and spiritual side, gradually become more enhanced in the early months. By April, it reaches its peak.

At this time, the first eclipse of the year, a solar eclipse, occurs at the end of April, which brings in new, yet intense energies.

The areas affected by this eclipse would be in matters relating to finances, one’s daily sustenance, possessions and values, including one’s shared resources, and all that lies deep within.

Soon after, the second eclipse, a lunar eclipse, occurs in May. This event is a time of revelation, bringing to light the sudden changes and shifts that are happening in these areas, with long term implications.

On another level, a discovery/breakthrough may come to light as well, at this time.

This period may also reveal something that may be helpful from a medical standpoint.

By mid May, the energies gradually shift into a brief self oriented, active phase. As the month of May unfolds, the individual takes precedence.

Restrictions would continue throughout the year, in varying phases. Perhaps, by the end of May or early June, some form of reversal in this regard may come about, for some time.

The Second Half –

As the year progresses, by July, August, September, one would see a lot of physical movement and activities beginning to happen.

At times, this could feel overwhelming, as one’s plate may be too full or one may tend to do more than one can handle.

The months of August, September, October would tend to be particularly stressful.

This time period would likely bring in bizarre weather patterns and perhaps a breakdown in structures etc, due to Nature’s forces.

New, unwanted  restrictions may enter the picture again.

Health matters would need attention.

As one moves towards the end of the year, the third and fourth eclipses occur in the months of October and November, bringing with it intense and long term implications.

To sum up in general, the significant changes that would likely occur during this time would perhaps be –

The material way of everyday life and living, changes.

New scientific innovations relating to advanced technology come to light.

Science and sci-fi appear to work hand in hand.

The beginnings of new research occurs.

Medically, it is a time of advancement.

2022 Conclusion –

Overall, one may see the positive side of the year 2022 as more compassionate and humanitarian… a world with a more expansive, imaginative vision of art, beauty and music.

Additionally, new breakthroughs in research and innovations in technology contribute to these times. It is actually the time for preparing the groundwork for 2023/2024, when these new scientific, technological changes and innovations become an eventual part of one’s daily living.

As the year 2022 progresses, one would also see the growth of a more spiritually oriented society.

The month of January 2022 and the Moon Cycles –

The new year begins with the new moon occurring on the 2nd/3rd of January.

At this time, sudden changes ordered by the authorities/governments etc are imminent. This would have some effect on one’s manner of daily earnings and one’s daily living/ sustenance etc.

Health matters continue to be critical at this time.

By the time the full moon occurs two weeks later, on the 17th of January, the intense energies increase as the authorities/governments exercise greater control. Which means, power struggles may come into play.

In addition, one would see reversals, changes, etc happening in all matters and manner of communication, especially within organisations. This would happen from early January, intensifying by mid January.

Institutions and organisations re-evaluate their existing conditions and criteria which would affect students as well.

Relationships and finances too shift and change especially towards the end of the month.

The uncertainties would tend to continue right up to early February, after which some form of conclusion would be reached and things would begin to move forward again. 


One could say that the general feel of the month of January 2022 would be somewhat restless.

Yet, As January 2022 is an introspective month, this is truly a good time to surround oneself and gently breathe in the beauty of Mother Nature. In this way, one is then able to balance oneself, to contemplate with a calm mind and to go about one’s daily work in a harmonious way.

On Contemplation, Ramana Maharishi says – “…Contemplation helps one to overcome the illusion that the Self must be visual. In truth, there is nothing visual. How do you feel the ‘I’ now? Do you hold a mirror before you to know your own being? The awareness is the ‘I’. Realise it and that is the truth.”

(Talks with Sri Ramana Maharishi – Talk 196)
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