July 2020 and the Lunar Eclipse

July 2020 begins with a penumbral lunar eclipse (a faint eclipse), the third and last of the eclipse season, occurring on the 4th or 5th (depending on the time zone). 

There are typically two eclipse seasons (a period of 35 days) in a year, recurring in cycles of 173.3 days. Normally, there will be two eclipses during an eclipse season and, on occasion, a third one as well. But the occurrence of three eclipses is not very common, therefore, the next one (with three) will be in the year 2029.

Additionally, two other astronomical events occur in the month of July. These are termed as, “an opposition of Jupiter” (occurring once every 13 months approximately) and “an opposition of Saturn” (occurring once in a year + two weeks). 

“When Earth goes between the sun and Jupiter, the giant planet appears opposite the sun in our sky, rising in the east at sunset. Astronomers call this an “opposition” of Jupiter.” 


In the same way, when Earth goes between the sun and Saturn, the planet Saturn appears opposite the sun in our sky. Astronomers term this as an “opposition” of Saturn.

This time, these two events take place within a week of each other on the 13th/14th and 20th of July respectively. The two planets will therefore be seen quite clearly in the sky, on these days. (as well as in the next few months).

Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions occur in 20 year cycles. Their close proximity to each other in this month is pre-emptive of the actual conjunction that takes place on December 21st 2020, signifying major world events.

Worth noting is the occurrence of the new moon on July 20th, coinciding with the opposition of Saturn.

The Lunar Eclipse of July 5th

What does this lunar eclipse have in store for us? 

The eclipse occurs in conjunction to the south node this time (in opposition to the January 10th eclipse, which was conjunct the north node), thereby focusing on the past. Perhaps there are lessons to learn from there. The prevalent energy initiates the moving away from the materialism of life and brings on a more spiritual tone. In addition, the focus is on the powers that be, on a global scale, on the affairs of the world and on the role of big organisations. This would be in relation to one’s homeland and its security.

Matters now come out into the open, clearing the ambiguity that surrounded the events of the past few weeks.

Energies may be intense at this time, giving rise to an uneasiness. The fluids tend to rise in the body (a natural occurrence during full moon days, but perhaps more intense during eclipses), contributing to feelings of discomfort and restlessness. As the eclipse passes it would begin to settle down.

This month brings a time of release. Release of everything that would have been pent up for days, weeks, months and years. 

By mid month it would all have come to the fore.

The planetary configurations show a time of having to face one’s deepest wounds. The way would be to come to terms with one’s inner anger, feelings of helplessness, pain and fears. Perhaps this time of release may help in the healing process.

Therefore, the mind gradually turns towards introspection and contemplation as one walks the spiritual path. 

For some, this would be the outlet, or the way that one’s questions would finally be answered.   

For others, a sense of fogginess may continue to prevail, with a need to submerge oneself in the clouds. This may be a way to perhaps shield oneself from the outside world.

Mid Month and the New Moon of July 20th

This month, in addition, focuses on groups, gatherings, organisations and teams, as they all begin to work together. It is a period of great sensitivity that calls out for support, kindness and co-operation.

The calling is towards taking the initiative and lending a supporting hand.

In addition, health matters continue to oscillate and to be of prime concern. Therefore, it is advisable to take great care at this time, adhering to all guidelines and precautions, as advised by the healthcare organisations.

From the 12th of the month, matters relating to all forms of communication begin to move forward.  

Now is when each one is struggling to get their voice heard in one way or another, as the ‘self’ plays a central role at this time. For, the battle seems to be between the self, the work life, authority figures and the home front / homeland.

Thereafter, by the new moon of July 20th, new restrictions seem to come into place. As one can see, it has become the recurring ‘theme’ of the year. Hence, it goes without saying that this may not sit well with the many.

As the lunar eclipse triggers a series of events, (as is its nature), the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn to the sun, especially with the latter coinciding with a new moon, would likely indicate an amplification of the powers that be. This may also include a surge in the area of movement and travel, in new forms and with new structures. Something new begins to happen at this time that becomes more apparent in the following month of August when the full moon occurs.

On a happy note, the month of July is a good time to bring music and dance to the stage of life. Rhythm and rhyme become a soothing balm and uplifts the heart towards calmness and feelings of harmony.

Sri Ramana Maharishi says –

“Meditation on nada (sound) is one of the several approved methods. The adherents claim a very special virtue for the method. According to them it is the easiest and the most direct method.

Just as a child is lulled to sleep by lullabies, so nada (sound) soothes one to the state of samadhi… 

It is better if associated with investigation (vichara). In that case the nada (sound) is made up of chinmaya and also tanmaya (of Knowledge and of Self). Nada (sound) helps concentration.”

(Talk 148 – Talks with Sri Ramana Maharishi)

The song “Circle of Life” helps to uplift the heart, furthermore, with the following lyrics –

In the circle of life

It’s the wheel of fortune

It’s the leap of faith

It’s the band of hope

‘Til we find our place

On the path unwinding

In the circle, the circle of life

(Source: LyricFind Songwriters: Elton John / Tim Rice Circle of Life lyrics © Walt Disney Music Company)

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