October 2021 moon cycles

The month of October begins on a tense note. This happens especially in the first two weeks of the month as the prevailing energies intensify.

The focus, during this month, lies on family, children, home matters, the community and relationships.

The ‘mother’ figure plays a central role at this time. Something or someone needs looking after. Responsibility is the keyword here.

Guidance is needed as balance is required.

The New  Moon –

The New Moon occurs on October 6th, laying emphasis on the matters mentioned above. 

For some, one’s personal relationships may play out as in a battleground. Tempers may get heated, triggering stormy exchanges all around.

On the other hand, for others, it may be a time of healing, for this time may be a calling towards balancing one’s relationships in order to harmonise. 

On a happier note, reunions, gatherings, communication with friends, groups and social organisations, including innovative journeys/travels, are all very beneficial at this time. 

Additionally, it is a good time to reconnect and to resolve ongoing matters.

The Full Moon –

The Full Moon occurs on the 20th of October, bringing to a conclusion matters of the past two weeks.

But, the battleground with those in power, or those wielding influence and authority, continues and comes to the fore at this time, thereby making it an intensely transformative and testing period for some.

Yet, simultaneously, there is a sense of positivity, for things begin to move forward slowly but surely. All that seemed to have been stuck in the past few weeks or seemed to be sliding backwards, would now change direction and move forward towards some form of progress.

Therefore, resolution in some form seems to happen, while innovations seem to occur in myriad ways and communication begins to move towards structure and stability, as the month comes to an end.

One may take note that health issues continue to be of prime concern and all required precautions would need to be taken seriously.

In conclusion, one may see ‘Balance’ as the watchword in this month of October.

This would seem to give rise to the words of the song “You Can Do Magic” –

“You can do magic

You can have anything that you desire

Magic, and you know

You’re the one who can put out the fire….”

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