December 2018

The month of December 2018 is a time of change.
This change could be gradual or sudden & unexpected, perhaps a bolt out of the blue…

By the end of the first week of the month, matters that were being reviewed or reworked on, begin to move forward.

This is a month of multi tasking and experimenting with the new.

Events that result in new experiences would be the happenings of the day.

A month of perhaps networking, meeting people from diverse backgrounds and engaging with the public.

December speaks of indulgences. So it would be good to rein in, before going overboard in the enjoyment of all that stimulates the five senses!

Travel or adventurous experiences seem quite inevitable at this time.

Health matters would need to be addressed or taken care of, overall.

A good thought to keep in mind at this time:

“Seeing the rainbow in every situation, in everything, in everyone.”

Happy Holidays!
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