February 2019

February heralds in a month of change.
This may include changes in the work or home area, or perhaps a shift or move.

The month would call for multi tasking and diverse activities, including beginning an exercise regime, should one desire to do so.
Expansion in any area of life would tend to be conducive during this period.

A desire to discover, inquire and satiate one’s curiosity may bring new learnings and probably something that is off the beaten track.

This time would perhaps facilitate creating a new network and engaging in enterprising activities.
Experimentation along with a group, team or within an organisation would be beneficial.

Travel and adventurous journeys are in harmony with this month’s activities.

A good time to buy or sell should one plan to do so.

February speaks of freedom.

Ramana Maharishi says:

“Why do you want the life of freedom? The fact that you crave it implies that you are bound. But really you are ever-free. Know that Self, and desires will fall away of their own accord. Bring all desires and thoughts to one point within: that is realisation. Mind should be still. The bee buzzes noisily around the flower seeking honey. When it finds it, it is silent and still. So it is with a person’s soul, which is seeking by desires the one true honey.”

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