The Full Moon of September 2018

The Full Moon of September 24th/25th 2018, shows an assertion towards taking an independent stand. At the same time, there are deep seated emotions and wounds that desire to be addressed and healed. But there appears to be a holding back, a restriction, a fear, a coldness and perhaps a feeling of isolation and depression. Alongside, there appears to arise a lack of or a mis-communication with another or others. An authoritative hand may be pressurizing at this time so that matters may be addressed…

But there is recourse and mediation during this full moon period, which comes through friends or groups, as well as through taking positive action. This action would be beneficial when directed towards creating positive change, with a more detached stance and with a view of the larger picture in mind.

Being centered within would help to calm the stormy waves into gentle waves.

All experiences appear to happen in the physical world as per ‘divine/universal’ timing. Time itself appears as relevant so long as there is physical existence. All physical happenings eventually pass and change as time appears to pass and change.

Ramana Maharishi says:

“Past and future are only the present when they occur, thus the present alone exists.
Time and space do not exist apart from the Self.”
(v. 15 & 16 – Forty Verses on Reality – Ulladu Narpadu – Ramana Maharishi)

“One has to remove the transitory happenings in order to realize the ever-present beatitude of the Self…
In sleep there is no space or time. They are concepts, which arise after the ‘I-thought’ has arisen. You are beyond time and space.
The ‘I-thought’ is the limited ‘I’. The real’I’ is unlimited, universal, beyond time and space.
Just while rising from sleep and before seeing the objective world, there is a state of awareness which is your Pure Self. That must be known.”
(Ramana Maharishi)

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