August 2019

August begins with a new moon, signifying a time of now moving steadily forward…a time to go ahead and initiate anew.

There may be a necessity towards adjusting and co-operating, as matters begin to unfold in a more specific direction.

Power struggles may arise which could create tense situations that would require a resolution, sooner than later.

Strength, mediation and teamwork would therefore be needed, to deal with these happenings.

Now is the time for good preparation and working alongside others.

A strong stance with the central theme being the collective as opposed to the individual, would need to be adopted as an immediate requirement.

With the right tools in hand and with teamwork, the needs of the collective may be met in balance and harmony.

Decisions would need to be made, that would be of prime significance in the long run.

At this time, the focus lies on children, loved ones and matters of the heart. 

There may be encounters that may give rise to intense emotions of tenderness and sensitivity or pain and hurt.

It would therefore be necessary to play a supporting role with a sensitive and caring attitude to all around.

Pay attention to the inner voice. 

For, as Duality looks us in the face, especially at this moment in time, kindness and friendship are much needed words, waiting to be acted upon.

Hence it would help us to remember that:

The world and all that it comprises, is not separate from us. 

We are the world. 

There is beauty in every human and in all of God’s creation. 

We may open our eyes to see that. 

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