July 2019

July 2019 begins with a solar eclipse, laying emphasis on new beginnings inherent in this month’s energies.

There may be matters that continue to stand unresolved, matters that have not yet moved forward or reached their conclusion. Hence, this month would be conducive to doing one’s homework and accordingly re-orient and implement the needed changes. This means a re-working may be required before things can come to fruition in the coming months. 

Financial matters would require analysis and accuracy in assessment. A need to recheck all the paperwork and numbers before moving forward.

Sudden cancellations, shifts, glitches and out of the blue incidents may be taking place presently. This explains the current energies. Best to go with the flow and take everything in one’s stride, for all settles down eventually, as the weeks go by.

Relationships call for a deeper understanding. Looking beneath the surface, as opposed to just appearances, would help in seeing those aspects which may not be apparent to the naked eye. This would assist in bringing a change in one’s perception with a more compassionate outlook.

Now comes the time of change, bringing with it opportunities that would likely take one through the next several months. A time towards the development of Faith and Trust in the Universe. New learnings through study, or, gaining knowledge through interactions and communication, would be fruitful at this time.

Spending time by self, in quietude, for some time during the day, helps to put things in perspective and perhaps bring clarity to one’s thoughts. A change in the way of thinking is what seems to be the calling of this period. 

In essence, this month calls for deep introspection, to seek answers to questions that seem to keep arising… 

Sri Anandamayi Ma Devi says:-

“By your japa and meditation those who are close to you will also benefit through the helpful influence of your presence. In order to develop a taste for meditation you have to make a deliberate and sustained effort, just as children have to be made to sit and study, be it by persuasion or coercion. By taking medicine or having injections a patient may get well; even if you do not feel inclined to meditate, conquer your reluctance and make an attempt. The habit of countless lives is pulling you in the opposite direction and making it difficult for you—persevere in spite of it! By your tenacity you will gain strength and be molded; that is to say, you will develop the capability to do sādhanā. Make up your mind that however arduous the task, it will have to be accomplished. Recognition and fame last for a short time only, they do not accompany you when you leave this world. If your thought does not naturally turn towards the Eternal, fix it there by an effort of will. Some severe blow of fate will drive you towards God. This will be but an expression of His mercy; however painful, it is by such blows that one learns one’s lesson.“

On a question about sense pleasures, Sri Anandamayi Ma says, “……..You wear ornaments because you wish to, and so you have to bear their weight. Yet this weight is fated to fall off, for it is something that cannot last, can it?” 

“The light of the world comes and goes, it is unstable. The light that is eternal can never be extinguished. By this light you behold the outer light and everything in the universe; it is only because It shines ever within you that you can perceive the outer light. Whatever appears to you in the universe is due solely to that great light within you, and only because the supreme knowledge of the essence of things lies hidden in the depths of your being is it possible for you to acquire knowledge of any kind.” 

(“Selected Discourses” Features in Essential Sri Anandamayi Ma: Life and Teachings of a 20th Century Indian Saint )

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