The Lunar and Solar Eclipses of June 2020

The month of June brings in two eclipses. The Lunar Eclipse of June 5th and the Solar Eclipse of June 21st.

With the eclipses, the potent energies in the month of June are indicators of what is to unfold as we progress into the second half of the year.

June 2020 overall –

The energies of the month of June signify new beginnings in some way.

By mid month, around the 18th, things seem to go in reverse gear. One may expect unforeseen changes, happening from early June to mid July.

Everything relating to communication in every form, begins to shift back and forth in one way or another. Therefore, it is good to keep in mind that nothing remains constant at this time. Hence, it would be best to go with the flow, as unexpected last minute changes may quite likely occur.

Towards the end of the month, from around the 25th, relationship and monetary matters, specifically, begin to move forward. This may perhaps indicate a time of meeting with close relations and others as well. Consequently, it may also be a time to beautify oneself and one’s surroundings after a long hiatus. A greater ease in communication, enlightening conversations, and creative endeavours would also be part of the play of daily events, infusing a breath of fresh air and lightness, in an otherwise tense atmosphere, prevailing overall.

The Lunar Eclipse of June 5th/6th

The Lunar Eclipse of June 5th/6th brings in a time of confusion and a need for independence and assertiveness. 

The Planetary configurations at this time, on a universal level, show a period of unrest, heightened emotions and a sense of disillusionment overall.

The self takes on a strong persona, prompting a desire to move forward and act in some way. This may play out disharmoniously due to having to endure imposed responsibilities, anxiety, confusion, a lack of discernment, a sense of victimisation or aggression, or feeling physically weakened. Some instances of bravado may incite unwanted situations, hence care needs to be taken.

On a harmonious note, the energies may play out with a feeling of courage, compassion and service towards a greater good. There would be a need to help, towards alleviating the sufferings of others. A sense of acceptance would prevail along with going with the flow through rhythm and rhyme, imbibing the spiritual way of life, and engaging in creative expression. This would bring in a collective humanitarian focus, that would help to initiate change on a universal level.

The Solar Eclipse of June 21st –

The Solar Eclipse on June 21st is a very powerful one, triggering effects that would come to light during the Lunar eclipse of July 5th.

The focus is once again on the homeland as well as the world at large. This shows a beginning of long term change in these areas.

On a personal level, it indicates the beginning of long term changes in relation to home and family with the public or outside world, or in work related matters. 

Yet, till mid July, there would be much trial and error before things begin to move forward more smoothly.

This time period, between the solar eclipse of June 21st and the lunar eclipse of July 5th, would tend to be very potent. It is good to pay close attention to events that arise. These would be indicators for the events in the forthcoming months. 

As the year 2020 is an indicator of structural changes, one would see the changes materialising in this area, concretising most likely by the month of September.  

Overall, the month of June initiates the beginning of  a much more active phase. Eventually, a clearer picture emerges in the following month of July. 

For now, one would need to go with the flow, looking at this present time as an indication of new structural situations arising in one’s private and public life.

Now is a good time to begin something new, by creating a new way of living life in relation to one’s mind, body and emotions. Seeking guidance and sustenance from Nature would be a way to balance and harmonise oneself, as the year’s energies are in harmonic rhythm with all that represents Mother Nature.

Sri Anandamayi Ma says –

“He, the Almighty, stages His infinite Lila, His endless Play. Within the Infinite lies the finite, and in the finite Infinity. He Himself, the One who is the Self, stages a play with Himself….On that plane different appearances befitting different occasions and places are present; for is it not the sphere of Pure Consciousness!”

Sri Anandamayi Ma

The song “Vincent” echoes the sentimental sentiments of the present times –

Starry, starry night

Paint your palette blue and grey

Look out on a summer’s day

With eyes that know the darkness in my soul

Shadows on the hills

Sketch the trees and the daffodils

Catch the breeze and the winter chills

In colours on the snowy linen land…

Songwriters: Don McLean Vincent lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

(N.B. All writings on the years, months and moon cycles are universal in nature and do not indicate any specific country).

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