The Central Theme of 2021 & the month of January

Happy 2021 to all readers!

The Central Theme of 2021

Change is inevitable as we know. But never more so than during the early months of the year. This is when most of the planets are collectively in the sign of Aquarius (tropical). 

But change is not easy. 

For, at this time, the planets form a difficult aspect to Uranus, the revolutionary planet of sudden happenings.

The Sign of Aquarius (tropical) as a central theme

The sign of Aquarius represents progression, innovation, original ideas relating to the future, technology, freedom, uniqueness, detachment, rebellion. 

It carries the energies of that which does not conform, that which is unique and different and that which follows its own path. 

It relates to the brotherhood of man and desires progress for the betterment of mankind as a whole. 

Its mind is scientific and creative and it is guided by its intuition.

Its energies are focused on friends, groups and organisations. 

Aquarius being an air sign, change and innovation in the field of communication and movement, become a focal point as well.

As one will see, this theme plays out throughout the year. For, the planets, Jupiter and Saturn, together, are now traversing the sign of Aquarius, (tropical) through the year 2021.

From a Jupiterian angle, this would indicate an expansion and growth in the areas relating to the Aquarian energies. This would help facilitate humanitarian efforts.

From a Saturnian angle, this would indicate restrictions, structure and an orderly approach in the areas relating to the Aquarian energies. This would help facilitate constructive efforts.

Now, with both planets being in the same sign, this may translate as a push and pull effect, till a balance is achieved. 

But overall, it is Positive. For, humanitarian organisations have the opportunity to now put into place a solid foundation for the betterment of mankind.

From another angle, Jupiter and Saturn are both in a difficult configuration with Uranus. This occurs through the month of January and continues through this year (and into next year) with Saturn.

This theme would likely indicate some pressure and resistance happening with the masses and organisations. This would, therefore, tend to disallow progress and change to occur smoothly. 

Important Planetary alignments of Saturn/Uranus in 2021

Firstly, lets look at Saturn –

Saturn restricts, restrains and pressurises in some way. It works with the tried and tested, bringing the past into the present. Yet, the ultimate goal is to put everything in its correct place, in this world of space and time. This would happen slowly but surely as a long-term goal, towards a solid foundation.

Saturn, being in the sign of Aquarius (tropical) would relate to Groups, Organisations and the people as a whole. This is where these restrictive, constructive, disciplinary energies would be experienced through the year. Past issues, responsibilities and traditions would come up that would have to be dealt with, slowly but surely.

Next, lets look at Uranus –

Uranus is the revolutionary planet of disruption and innovation. Its focus is futuristic, its goal being change and progression. It does not work with the tried and tested nor does it play safe. Its energies are geared towards the unusual, the new, that which is original and has never been done before. Its mind is fast-paced and radical, yet brilliant!

Uranus, being in the sign of Taurus (tropical) (for the last two years), one’s values, possessions, personal earnings and sustenance (Taurus energies) are where these themes would likely play out, affecting their status quo, due to the sudden changes it tends to create.

Now, lets look at Saturn & Uranus in difficult aspect to each other –

Now that Saturn comes into the picture, it compels organisations, groups and the people at large, to experience the changes, prompted by Uranus, only after all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed. This would likely be in order to get one’s values and monetary affairs in alignment with the present times. 

This may also translate as being unable to take unnecessary risks, including in the financial arena, unexpected delays in personal and monetary matters that have undergone changes and overall a slowdown or a shutdown when matters get out of hand. This is because some amount of disruption and restrainment (both positive and negative) may be expected through the year, which may also include financial institutions.

The months of January, February, May, June and December is when these these energies get intensified.

May & June, specifically, are key months, when the first two eclipses of the year take place. This time may possibly relate to a significant shift happening. Thereafter, November and December conclude the final two eclipses of the year.

January 2021

An overview of the month January 2021

The month of January advises us to continue living our lives with caution and care, for the much awaited ease is still some time away, in the not too distant future.

The Good news is that there are positive healing opportunities that come to the masses and to organisations and groups of people, throughout the month of January. 

This may be seen as a saving grace, thanks to the planets Jupiter and Saturn being in harmonious alignment with Chiron (the wounded healer-teacher).

Yet, simultaneously, there is much still happening that does not allow ease of movement at this time.

The New Moon of January 13th

The new moon forms a conjunction with the planet Pluto, on January 13th, signifying a time of new beginnings with an intense transformative energy. This affects the public life, governments and those in authority. 

There may be hidden matters at this time that would likely be revealed when the full moon occurs at the end of the month.

Simultaneously, during this time, the planet Mars makes a difficult aspect to Saturn. This would relate to Health matters and restrictions. 

It may also relate to the material side of life, where one’s values, sustenance and earnings are affected in some way.

Furthermore, Mars forms a conjunction to the planet Uranus around the 20th of the month highlighting sudden changes in these areas.

The Full Moon of January 28th

The full moon at the end of the month forms a difficult configuration to Uranus and Mars. 

Again, as this full moon is in opposition to Saturn and Jupiter, and in a disharmonious aspect to Mars and Uranus, there is some struggle going on. 

Something needs to be done.

But constructive, beneficial work also happens simultaneously, through organisations, on a humanitarian level.

Health continues to be crucial as well as the material side of life, including one’s finances and investments.

The young ones, too, are a matter of concern.

Towards the end of the month, things again go into reverse gear.

Mercury goes (seemingly) retrograde on January 30th

Mercury’s (seeming) retrograde happens in the sign of Aquarius, at the end of the month, affecting the people and organisations at large. A rewind happens at this time.

From a numerological point of view, it would perhaps relate to some more isolation time during its three weeks of apparent retrograde motion, in the month of February.

Therefore, one may except some more restrictions coming into play towards the end of the month, going into February.


Overall, the scenario does not ‘appear’ to look very promising. But in the bigger picture, this year puts into place a much  stronger, stable foundation with a deeper humanitarian, inclusive and innovative mindset for the people at large. This would set a precedent for the next 20 years, till the next Jupiter Saturn conjunction takes place.

Change is never easy. 

Yet, cultivating inner stability and calm is the key. This would help one to be able to go with the flow of whatever events the universe wishes to release on planet earth, for one’s  experience & growth. 

True change begins within oneself.

The following song, “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson, plays to the theme of the year –

“I see the kids in the streets

With not enough to eat

Who am I to be blind?

Pretending not to see their needs

A summer disregard, a broken bottle top

And a one man soul

They follow each other on the wind ya’ know

‘Cause they got nowhere to go

That’s why I want you to know

I’m starting with the man in the mirror

I’m asking him to change his ways

And no message could have been any clearer

If you want to make the world a better place

Take a look at yourself, and then make a change……”

Source: Musixmatch, Songwriters: Ballard Glen / Garrett Siedah, Man in the Mirror lyrics © Universal Music Corp., Yellowbrick Road Music, Arlovol Music, Back 2 Da Future Music
  • Poonam Ahuja – All Rights Reserved
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