February 2021

In the year 2021, communication becomes the focus, with new ways of expressing oneself.

These ‘new ways’ of communication would essentially be seen in one’s everyday living, impacting the world at large.

Mercury Retrograde –

February 2021 begins with Mercury being (seemingly) retrograde till the 21st of the month.

During this time period, expect some reversals, reworking, re-evaluations and changes to happen. 

There may be a back and forth motion in the first few weeks, till matters begin to move forward (after the 21st of the month, when Mercury (seemingly) goes direct).

The New Moon on February 11th 2021 –

The New Moon occurs on the 11th of February, in the sign of Aquarius (tropical). This time may initiate something anew for the masses.

At this time, the planetary alignments point towards a process of healing for the individual, happening through opportunities that would inevitably come one’s way.

Moreover, Jupiter and Venus conjoin in the sign of Aquarius (tropical) on this day. The resulting effect would tend to highlight the philosophical aspect of relationships and the monetary side of life as well. Therefore, financial institutions and matters also come into focus at this time. In addition, there would likely be a growth of humanitarian and creative organisations (with aid coming from financial entities, perhaps).

On another note, Mars continues to be in difficult alignment with some of the planets currently lined up in the sign of Aquarius (tropical). This brings in some amount of dissonance to the current situation. Hence, all is not smooth sailing.

Soon after, though, around the 14th of the month, there would likely be an increase in communication all around, with a focus on the education system and on the youth. Hence, some reversals and decision making may happen in this area.

Saturn/Uranus in February 2021 –

Saturn and Uranus intensify their difficult alignment during this month, which peaks on February 17th. 

Their current configuration continues to highlight the year’s overall theme of traditional structures versus revolutionary changes. 

On one level, this ensuing struggle would tend to happen between the authorities and the masses. For, it may be that the feelings involved in the struggle would stem from one’s personal values, and one’s daily sustenance.

On another level, this may also play out as a breakdown of actual physical structures in some way, through sudden and bizarre occurrences, en masse or in nature’s own way. 

If in nature’s own way, this would then highlight the role of Mother Nature and her mighty force. This would, in turn, emphasise the impact of climate change on the world to a degree where solutions and resolutions would be urgently required.

The Full Moon on February 27th 2021 –

The full moon occurs in the sign of Virgo (tropical) towards the end of the month, signifying a time of conclusions of the ongoing pressing matters.

At this time, the focus would be more in the direction of health, health workers, essential workers, hospitals etc.

In addition, the emphasis would be on one’s daily routine and would question the balance in one’s life.

This is a month of introspection and perhaps some isolation as well. 

Lessons may occur through relationships that would incline one towards going within to seek answers.

Hence this month is conducive to new learnings and spiritual practices to aid one in living a more balanced and wholesome life. 

The planetary alignments assist in bringing about a positive transformation at this time.

Conclusion –

To bring benefit to one’s health in one’s daily routine, the ancient scripture of the Yoga Vasishta of Valmiki says – 

“Meditation and yoga are practiced to suppress the breath for the peace of mind. Practice breath control {pranayama) and single-pointed meditation (dhyana) according to the directions of the spiritual guide and the precepts of the scriptures. Restraint of breath is accompanied by peace of mind and causes the evenness of its temperament. It is attended with health and prosperity and gives its practitioner the capacity of reflection.” (v.26)

And on that note, we shall end with the song – “Those Were The Days” –

Once upon a time there was a tavern
Where we used to raise a glass or two
Remember how we laughed away the hours
And think of all the great things we would do

Those were the days my friend
We thought they’d never end
We’d sing and dance forever and a day
We’d live the life we choose
We’d fight and never lose
For we were young and sure to have our way
La la la la la la 

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Gene Raskin
Those Were The Days (Remastered 1991) lyrics © T.R.O. Inc.
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