July 2021 Moon Cycles

The New Moon of July 9th/10th 2021 –

The new moon occurs on July 10th 2021 at 6.46 am IST.

What energies does this new moon bring at this moment in time?

New moons signify new beginnings. This month, the emphasis lies on new beginnings in the sign of Cancer (tropical), the sign of nurturance.

As the Sun and Moon conjoin in this sign of home, family, nurturance and one’s roots, the focus shifts in this direction. 

The Moon’s Home –

The sign of Cancer is the Moon’s natural home. Hence, don’t be surprised to see intense sensitivity and moodiness arise.

The natural Mothering energy of the moon will play out in full force at this time, including all the fussiness and judgement tendencies that would naturally arise from time to time. At the end of the day, the mother just wants what is “right” for her child…

This new moon in Cancer also brings in dramatic situations triggered by strong emotions. 

Therefore, a need arises to harmonise and balance one’s emotions by actually expressing one’s authentic feelings.

Hence, it would be beneficial to say what needs to be said, whether it be expressing feelings of fear or of hope.  Though one would do well to bear in mind that any response in the form of judgement or criticism may not be appreciated, even though it may be well intentioned.

Acceptance, Encouragement and Understanding are what would make every flower, inherent in every human being,  bloom to its timeless beauty.

On a happy note, one’s cooking skills get enhanced during this month, so it is actually a wonderful time to experiment with new dishes. Or one could just make one’s favourite dishes and feed one’s loved ones with delicious, comfort food. Cooking and feeding are the natural duties of the moon energy!

Moreover, for the next two weeks, till the full moon occurs, this period encourages harmonious get- togethers with family, friends and loved ones and creates an idealistic feeling of beauty and compassion in all things.

Furthermore, this time period is favourable for journeys to far away places, either to unite with family, travel with family or to experience the beauty of the lands across the seas and to unknown spaces beyond.

As one can see, this expressive, communicative, creative energy gets heightened during this month. 

Eventually, the lessons are towards creating an outlook of fun, joy and optimism in order to imbibe the wonder of life and existence as a whole.

The Full Moon of July 24th 2021 –

The full moon in July occurs on the 24th at 8.06 am IST, occurring in the sign of Aquarius (tropical) and highlighting friends, groups, organisations and societal issues.

This is the day of Guru Poornima in India.

Travel and all other forms of communication continue to be highlighted during this period.

There may be a tendency towards excessive indulgence during this time, perhaps in the pleasurable things of life. 

One needs to continue to take care, for one is not out of the woods as yet with regard to health matters.

A  need to have a more philosophical outlook in one’s relationships would tend come up as well.

Simultaneously, this July full moon brings in a transformative period, as matters move towards culmination.

In the mix of it, intense, power driven energies would get triggered, with  its effects spilling over into the following month. Governmental matters, including figures of authority and those wielding power, may be instrumental in all of this.

Yet, overall, optimism and movement… as in going with the flow…including expressing one’s truth… is the key message of this current time.

The song “True” by Spandau Ballet speaks of this in its lyrics –

“OiSo true funny how it seems

Always in time, but never in line for dreams

Head over heels when toe to toe

This is the sound of my soul

This is the sound

I bought a ticket to the world

But now I’ve come back again

Why do I find it hard to write the next line?

Oh, I want the truth to be said

I know this much is true

I know this much is true…”

Source: Musixmatch Songwriters: Gary Kemp
True lyrics © Reformation Publishing Co Ltd

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