The Solar Eclipse of August 2018

The month of August 2018 speaks of new beginnings.
This month brings in opportunities of putting into place all the revisions that began in July.

The Solar Eclipse of August 11th 2018 lays emphasis on all forms of communication. An excess is indicated whereby a balance would need to be maintained in order to attain the maximum benefit.

Ego issues come to the fore at this time in one’s communication. There could be excess expenditure in pleasures of the moment. Matters concerning communication with children and in love relationships, may perhaps go overboard, as each one tries to press home their point of view with an unwillingness to budge!

Caution would be required in risky ventures. Reading the fine print without rushing into anything is essential.

As solar eclipses are new moons, the new beginnings, prevalent in this month of August, would kickstart post August 11th, the day of the solar eclipse.
Through the back and forth that happens till mid month, a gradual change would then occur.

Technically, matters would begin to move forward after the 21st, gaining momentum towards the end of the month, as September begins.

Hence Patience is required, for all would fall into place… as one would witness.

This is an opportune time to begin to strengthen one’s manner of communicating from the heart with love and kindness to one and all 🙂
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