The month of May speaks of new beginnings, in a year focused on inevitable change.

Things begin to take a turn one way or the other.

This year of 2021, as a whole, highlights all forms of communication, including innovations in technological and scientific ways.


During this month, communication with relation to “change”, becomes a focal point.

The time around the new moon of May 11th highlights this aspect.

This new moon, though, may bring in a conflict between one’s values, daily sustenance and the monetary side, with the authorities and organisations concerned.

In addition, children, the youth and the education system become a centre of conversation and are highlighted.

Furthermore, at this time, with the planet Mars being in a difficult configuration with Chiron the healer, there is further emphasis on the health of the individual on all fronts and it would tend to be troubling.

The month of May creates an emphasis on physical activities being centred around the family, the home and the homeland.

JUPITER ENTERS ITS OWN SIGN OF PISCES after 12 years (tropical)

On May 14th, when Jupiter, the planet of expansion, enters its sign of Pisces (till July 28th), the spiritual, mystical side of life begins to be increasingly emphasised, bringing out strong feelings of compassion and altruism.

On another level, this configuration could give rise to an increasing desire to escape from the seemingly harsh realities of the world, into one that is filled with beauty, art, music, kindness, and all that is divine.


Simultaneously, around the mid of May, Saturn, (the planet of restrictions, responsibility and order), begins to slow down, as it gets ready to turn (apparently) retrograde on May 23rd. 

As this happens, a turn around of events related to restrictions and governmental guidelines may come into play.

Yet, for some, a further restrictive and perhaps a melancholic, fear based energy may begin to emerge. 

This is a time of exercising patience. 

In addition, the ongoing difficult configuration between the planets Saturn and Uranus, this year, gets emphasised at this time. 

Therefore, there may be sudden happenings relating to a breakdown of structures in some form, for better or worse. 

This could also relate to a similar theme of occurrences that may have happened in February, when Mother Nature took matters in Her own hand.

Overall, structural themes, and social order now come into focus

This time may also imply a reviewing, in the form of trial and error, of the entire social order, till Saturn goes direct in October, when things then begin to move forward in a more definitive way.


A total lunar eclipse (full moon phase) occurs on May 26th, (the first since the January 2019 total lunar eclipse). It is also known as a “blood moon” due to its reddish orange glow. This eclipse will be seen as a “supermoon” due to its closeness to the earth, hence appearing larger than usual.

The regions where the eclipse will be (partially or wholly) visible are – South/East Asia, Australia, a large part of North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica.

The eclipse occurs in the sign of Sagittarius (tropical), with the moon being in opposition to the sun, which is in the sign of Gemini (tropical).

Eclipses tend to be jolting with long term effects, as generally seen.

The theme, this time around, would centre on all forms of communication including travel, education, one’s relations, neighbourhood and perhaps matters to do with the legal side of life and the world at large. 

The momentum in these areas increase in a way as to herald some sort of dramatic change in some way.

As Lunar eclipses are times of culmination, this theme of matters reaching some conclusion, would also come into effect in some way.

What is important to understand here is the interaction of all of existence. The key understanding of this eclipse is the seesaw motion of the ‘bigger picture’ (the world at large) versus the ‘smaller picture’ (my own world).

The answer is that every thing, irrespective, has an impact on every thing.

All are interconnected.


On another note, the planet Mercury begins to slow down from mid month, as it gets ready to turn (apparently) retrograde at the end of the month.

At this time it forms a difficult configuration with the planet Neptune.

Health matters, especially those concerning the younger generation, may be of concern.

This would also be a time of reunions, reversals, returns, going back, delays or perhaps some technological breakdowns or a redoing or reworking of matters. 

As this time brings in a sense of uncertainty overall, it would be beneficial to wait till June 23rd, when Mercury goes direct, before initiating anything new.


May is a significant month for all, as some important planetary configurations occur at this time.

With Jupiter entering the sign of Pisces (tropical), one’s mindset would greatly benefit with the following words of Sri Aurobindo –

The presence of God is as complete in one small flower as in the whole measureless Universe. So also the Spirit in man is not a fragment of Deity, but the Eternal Himself in His imminuable (a word apparently coined by Sri Aurobindo) majesty

The Self in me is not merely a brother to the Self in you or of one kind with it but is completely and utterly yourself; for there is no you or I, but One Eternal Immutable in many names and forms, One Reality in many transient and perishable frames.” 

  • (Sri Aurobindo – Isha Upanishad commentary)

The song, “Imagine” by John Lennon, is a sign of the times –

“Imagine no possessions

I wonder if you can

No need for greed or hunger

A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people

Sharin’ all the world

Yoo, hoo, ooh-ooh

You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will live as one”

(Source: Musixmatch Songwriters: John Lennon Imagine lyrics © Wb Music Corp., Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., Ain’t Nothing But Funkin’ Music, Alien Status Music, Psalm 144 Verse 1 Music, Lenono Music, Irving Music Inc.)

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