December 2017 & the end of the year

The month of December 2017 calls for the laying of foundations.

From the expressive energies of November, now would be the time to bring into practicality all that was created, communicated & clarified during that time.

A disciplined, practical and systemized approach would be the way during this month. It would serve one well in setting up a strong foundation that would sustain in the years to come, presently requiring concentration and work.

As the year comes to an end and we enter 2018, moving on becomes essential, without looking back with regret.

If we look carefully, everything seems to happen for a reason. From where we stand, perhaps we cannot see.

We act on our urges, something compels us to do something. This may be God’s/Universal will.

Through prayer and faith, we gain strength to face what God/Universe has willed, based on our Karma, (the universal law of cause and effect, which is what we seemingly have to experience). And we carry on.

Life is short. We only have some minutes, hours, days, weeks or years perhaps… and then it is gone.
We have to live it in the best way we can. There is no person, place or thing that we can depend on to bring out the peace inherent within us.

By making our peace within, in complete acceptance of what is, knowing full well that the hand of Mother Nature guides us, may make 2018 a year of realized dreams.

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