September 2021 & the moon cycles

The New Moon  The new moon of September 2021 occurs on the 7th. At this time, there would likely be sudden, positive new beginnings in relation to one’s daily routine/work and one’s earnings, one’s possessions and one’s means of sustenance. Perhaps there may be a new gain of something that would be of value in [...]

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August 2021 Moon Cycles

The New Moon The new moon occurs on Sunday 8th August, in the sign of Leo (tropical). At this time, the position of the new moon gives rise to sudden disruptive elements. The areas of occurrence would be in relation to children as well as to matters of pleasure and enjoyment. Restrictions and changes, concerning [...]

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July 2021 Moon Cycles

The New Moon of July 9th/10th 2021 - The new moon occurs on July 10th 2021 at 6.46 am IST. What energies does this new moon bring at this moment in time? New moons signify new beginnings. This month, the emphasis lies on new beginnings in the sign of Cancer (tropical), the sign of nurturance. [...]

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June 2021 and the Solar Eclipse

June 2021 begins as a month of compromise, adjustments, collaboration and working with others as a team.  Presently, one’s partners, associates, relations and community are highlighted.  This is a time when support is required. Therefore, any form of support to those around you, based on the present circumstances, would be a blessing. This is a [...]

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The month of May speaks of new beginnings, in a year focused on inevitable change. Things begin to take a turn one way or the other. This year of 2021, as a whole, highlights all forms of communication, including innovations in technological and scientific ways. THE NEW MOON ON MAY 11TH  During this month, communication [...]

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February 2021

In the year 2021, communication becomes the focus, with new ways of expressing oneself. These ‘new ways’ of communication would essentially be seen in one’s everyday living, impacting the world at large. Mercury Retrograde - February 2021 begins with Mercury being (seemingly) retrograde till the 21st of the month. During this time period, expect some [...]

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December 2020 and the solar eclipse

Lake Manasarovar- Tibet The month of December 2020 carries the energies of seclusion, akin to the month of March. It is a time to isolate again to some extent.  This time, the holiday season highlights the introspective and contemplative nature of the human mind. Many questions arise and many answers are sought… It goes without [...]

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The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction – The Past & the Present

In the year 2020, a significant planetary alignment takes places on the 21st of December. At this time, the planet Jupiter forms a conjunction with the planet Saturn, an occurrence of great importance in relation to world events. The Great Conjunction The planetary configuration of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (conjoining) occurs approximately every twenty years. Jupiter’s [...]

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