January 2020 & the Lunar Eclipse!

As the new year dawns, the powerful lunar eclipse on January 10th sums up the energies of the times…changes & transformations on a very deep level that would have long lasting effects! The period around the solar eclipse of December 26th 2019 would be indicative of what is arising and unfolding, as all begins to [...]

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December 2019 & the solar eclipse

A rainbow in the western desert of Tibet As we enter the last month of the year 2019, culminating in a solar eclipse, a clear vision of responsibilities that need to be addressed, lies before us. The month of December focuses on home matters, those in your care and matters relating to the homeland as [...]

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November 2019

November brings in a dynamic energy, with innovative ideas and new directions. After the 21st of the month, these ideas would likely begin to move forward. The new moon occurs on November 26th, a good time for new beginnings thereafter. This would be a month of change. A time to review and revise and incorporate [...]

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October 2019

As the ending of the year draws closer, implementation would be the key word in this month of October. The events that transpired at the beginning of the year, in the first few months, now seem to come to fruition tangibly. This would give an indication of how the coming year would tend to play [...]

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September 2019

The month of September begins with a need to lighten up. A time towards releasing all the anxiety and stress that may have built up in the past few months. At this time, the energies of the year, with all that may have transpired, come to a culmination. A review, in some way, based on [...]

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August 2019

August begins with a new moon, signifying a time of now moving steadily forward…a time to go ahead and initiate anew. There may be a necessity towards adjusting and co-operating, as matters begin to unfold in a more specific direction. Power struggles may arise which could create tense situations that would require a resolution, sooner [...]

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June 2019

June speaks of a time when matters begin to conclude. During this month, decisions would need to be made with direction and focus. This would bring about a releasing and letting go of all that which is not required, in order to move forward in the following month, with clarity and ease. The month of [...]

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May 2019

The month of May 2019 brings in a great deal of activity and change. Situations / events begin to speed along before reaching their conclusion in the following month of June. All that appeared to be pending or lying in wait now begins to manifest one way or another, engaging one in constant physical activity. [...]

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