December 2017 & the end of the year

The month of December 2017 calls for the laying of foundations. From the expressive energies of November, now would be the time to bring into practicality all that was created, communicated & clarified during that time. A disciplined, practical and systemized approach would be the way during this month. It would serve one well in [...]

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Your Birthdate Reveals Your Life Lessons

Your Birthdate Reveals Your Life Lessons Add all the digits of your birthdate together - day + month + year Bring it down to a single digit, 1 to 9. example: 18 + 10 + 2017 = 38 = 11 = 2 Based on the number derived, read the following to understand the [...]

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November 2017

The month of November 2017 brings in Communication, Clarity, Creativity! The three C’s! A month of setting things right through communication. Clarity being the key, the importance lies in expressing one’s self in complete honesty, removing any sugar coating that obscures the truth. Now is the time to speak up and say what needs to [...]

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October 2017

As we enter the month of October, we begin to take the next steps in all that has transpired and evolved in the month of September. We begin to see what is required, what we need to do, how we can adapt, how we can support. Adjusting and adapting to the changes that have taken [...]

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September 2017

Let Us Begin…this is the calling for this month! A time of conclusions towards new beginnings…which means, sowing the final seeds as the new cycle starts to kick off towards it’s next nine year run! The pace begins to pick up slowly…then rapidly. Bizarre events and situations may surface, making one wonder at the suddenness [...]

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