March 2019

March turns the attention towards responsibilities that need to be addressed and resolved. As the month progresses, matters begin to take a turn in a roundabout manner.

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December 2018

The month of December 2018 is a time of change. This change could be gradual or sudden & unexpected, perhaps a bolt out of the blue… By the end of the first week of the month, matters that were being reviewed or reworked on, begin to move forward. This is a month of multi tasking [...]

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The month of November 2018

The month of November calls for implementation. A good time to work with others and to put into practical application all that may have transpired in the previous month. Discipline, effort, management, organization would be the key words. It’s all about the group, the team, the collective. This is where the focus would tend to [...]

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The month of October 2018

The month of October 2018 is a time of communication, with short journeys, social activities and creative endeavors. Get-togethers with friends and others would likely be on the horizon. Trips to places of enjoyment would more likely be experienced. A good month for writing or engaging in creative activities. This is a time for light [...]

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The month of September 2018

September 2018 is a month that calls for adjustment, co-operation and support. This would be a time of concluding matters, as things begin to gradually speed up, rapidly moving forward by mid month. As this time calls for adaptation, personal relationships come to the fore. This would require mediation and a sensitive approach. In addition, [...]

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The Solar Eclipse of August 2018

The month of August 2018 speaks of new beginnings. This month brings in opportunities of putting into place all the revisions that began in July. The Solar Eclipse of August 11th 2018 lays emphasis on all forms of communication. An excess is indicated whereby a balance would need to be maintained in order to attain [...]

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The Month of July 2018

  The month of July 2018 is a time when matters of the previous months reach their conclusion. Events and situations may culminate or end at this time. By mid month, there may be a reviewing of all that has happened in the recent past and perhaps a revision or revising in order to bring [...]

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The Month of June 2018

June brings in an active energy, where matters of the previous month begin to materialize. The focus tends to be on monetary affairs and implementation of all pending matters. Power plays would be at the fore in family situations and relationships. This may create some amount of conflict, as each one would desire to gain [...]

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2018 & The World Order – A Time for Diplomacy

2018 & the world order heralds in a time of diplomacy. The year 2016 signified an ending of a 9 year cycle. Matters reached their culmination and conclusion and many endings would have been seen. The year 2017 heralded in a new era - a new 9 year cycle for the world. One would have [...]

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December 2017 & the end of the year

The month of December 2017 calls for the laying of foundations. From the expressive energies of November, now would be the time to bring into practicality all that was created, communicated & clarified during that time. A disciplined, practical and systemized approach would be the way during this month. It would serve one well in [...]

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