The month of May speaks of new beginnings, in a year focused on inevitable change. Things begin to take a turn one way or the other. This year of 2021, as a whole, highlights all forms of communication, including innovations in technological and scientific ways. THE NEW MOON ON MAY 11TH  During this month, communication [...]

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October 2020 & the Moon Cycles

The Full Moon of October 1st/2nd 2020 - October begins with a full moon, occurring on the 1st/2nd of the month. At this time one’s relationships are highlighted. The focus is on healing and harmony towards one’s well being. It is not a very easy time as there would be deep seated emotional issues that [...]

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September 2020

The month of September 2020 begins with the full moon.  Full Moon of September 2nd 2020 - At this time the focus continues to be on health matters, isolation, one’s daily work & routine and brings to light the events of the past weeks and its effects. Perhaps the result of increased social interactions would [...]

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August 2020

The Full Moon of August 3rd The month begins with a full moon on August 3rd, bringing sudden changes with it. The area where the changes would take effect would be on the personal front. This would relate to money matters, one’s earnings, possessions, sustenance and one’s personal values. This, in turn, affects groups of [...]

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March 2020

The month of March 2020 speaks of isolation in some form or the other and an ongoing analysis and introspection of the present times. The full moon on the 9th of March reveals the degree of a health crisis at its optimum and the ambiguity surrounding it. It would also indicate the world’s focus being [...]

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February 2020

February 2020 speaks of a time that focuses on the Responsibilities of the Family, Community, Nation. Whatever may have transpired in the previous month of January now needs to be taken care of through Service. During this month, a reversal may come into play, relating to the events and happenings of the last two months. [...]

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December 2019 & the solar eclipse

A rainbow in the western desert of Tibet As we enter the last month of the year 2019, culminating in a solar eclipse, a clear vision of responsibilities that need to be addressed, lies before us. The month of December focuses on home matters, those in your care and matters relating to the homeland as [...]

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June 2019

June speaks of a time when matters begin to conclude. During this month, decisions would need to be made with direction and focus. This would bring about a releasing and letting go of all that which is not required, in order to move forward in the following month, with clarity and ease. The month of [...]

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APRIL 2019

The month of April would be a time to attend to matters relating to the daily routine of life and to complete all tasks.  Focus, concentration, routine and analysis would be the key words to describe the energies. On another level, contemplation, solitude, quiet or embarking on a spiritual quest, may be the experiences of [...]

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