Solar Eclipse of October 14th 2023

A  Solar eclipse occurs on Saturday October 14th 2023 in the sign of Libra (tropical zodiac).  This is an annular eclipse or ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse and can be viewed from the USA, and  parts of Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Brazil. “An annular solar eclipse happens when the Moon covers the Sun's center, [...]

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January 10th/11th/12th 2020 Planetary alignments

The Planetary configurations on January 10th/11th/12th 2020, collectively, is a rare occurrence. A lunar eclipse occurs simultaneously with a Saturn/Pluto/Mercury/Sun/Ceres conjunction, in the sign of Capricorn, (including additional planetary configurations). This makes this time period extremely significant and potent. It brings in a time of deep transformation and changes that occur not just on the [...]

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January 2020 & the Lunar Eclipse!

As the new year dawns, the powerful lunar eclipse on January 10th sums up the energies of the times…changes & transformations on a very deep level that would have long lasting effects! The period around the solar eclipse of December 26th 2019 would be indicative of what is arising and unfolding, as all begins to [...]

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The Lunar Eclipse of July 27th 2018

“Conversation under the olive trees” 1921 - Henri Matisse - Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum “What I dream of is an art of balance.”- Henri Matisse The Lunar Eclipse, this time around, brings in energies that are sudden and fiery. Unexpected happenings of a fiery nature may occur as the planetary alignments are in a difficult aspectual relationship. [...]

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