August 2019

August begins with a new moon, signifying a time of now moving steadily forward…a time to go ahead and initiate anew. There may be a necessity towards adjusting and co-operating, as matters begin to unfold in a more specific direction. Power struggles may arise which could create tense situations that would require a resolution, sooner [...]

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The Full Moon of September 2018

The Full Moon of September 24th/25th 2018, shows an assertion towards taking an independent stand. At the same time, there are deep seated emotions and wounds that desire to be addressed and healed. But there appears to be a holding back, a restriction, a fear, a coldness and perhaps a feeling of isolation and depression. [...]

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The Solar Eclipse of August 2018

The month of August 2018 speaks of new beginnings. This month brings in opportunities of putting into place all the revisions that began in July. The Solar Eclipse of August 11th 2018 lays emphasis on all forms of communication. An excess is indicated whereby a balance would need to be maintained in order to attain [...]

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The Lunar Eclipse of July 27th 2018

“Conversation under the olive trees” 1921 - Henri Matisse - Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum “What I dream of is an art of balance.”- Henri Matisse The Lunar Eclipse, this time around, brings in energies that are sudden and fiery. Unexpected happenings of a fiery nature may occur as the planetary alignments are in a difficult aspectual relationship. [...]

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Full Moon – November 4th 2017

The full moon of November 2017......A time of reflection. When doors are closed, it gives one the desire and opportunity to break it down. When hatred and venom is spewed, it arouses in one, anger and violence. When distrust is shown, it invites dishonesty and pretense. When harsh criticism is given, it causes rebellion. But [...]

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The New Moon of October 19th 2017

 The new moon represents new beginnings, lasting for a period of twenty eight days, till the next new moon. In the first fortnight, during the waxing moon phase, one may begin anew. The new moon of October 2017 falls on the day of the Hindu festival of lights, marking a time of releasing the [...]

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The Full Moon of October 5th 2017

The full moon of October 5th calls out to us to contemplate our relation with those around us. On this day, a prayer of gratitude may be the stepping stone towards a change of heart, where enmity prevails, where any negative emotion is felt deeply towards another. We may begin to make our peace with [...]

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