The Full Moon of September 2022

The full moon in the month of September 2022 occurs on September 10th at 3:29 pm IST and 5:59 am EST. At this time the planet mercury (seemingly) turns retrograde, initiating a time of reversals, renewals, reunions, revisions, returns, repairs etc… for the next three weeks. All matters relating to communication would tend to go [...]

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August 2021 Moon Cycles

The New Moon The new moon occurs on Sunday 8th August, in the sign of Leo (tropical). At this time, the position of the new moon gives rise to sudden disruptive elements. The areas of occurrence would be in relation to children as well as to matters of pleasure and enjoyment. Restrictions and changes, concerning [...]

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The Festival of Vesak

The day Of Vesak is one of the most important Buddhist festivals commemorating the birth of the Buddha. In the year 2020 it falls on the 7th of May. Vesak, also known as Buddha Purnima (full moon) or Buddha Jayanti (birthday), is the day of the full moon in the lunar month of Vesakha. (the [...]

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The Full Moon of September 2018

The Full Moon of September 24th/25th 2018, shows an assertion towards taking an independent stand. At the same time, there are deep seated emotions and wounds that desire to be addressed and healed. But there appears to be a holding back, a restriction, a fear, a coldness and perhaps a feeling of isolation and depression. [...]

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