Solar Eclipse of October 14th 2023

A  Solar eclipse occurs on Saturday October 14th 2023 in the sign of Libra (tropical zodiac).  This is an annular eclipse or ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse and can be viewed from the USA, and  parts of Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Brazil. “An annular solar eclipse happens when the Moon covers the Sun's center, [...]

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The Year 2023

Hello to 2023! - a year that carries the energy of water -  This year is one of introspection and contemplation; of spending time by oneself, of experiencing the quietude; of seeking and gaining knowledge; of perfecting oneself in a specific field; of understanding one’s relation to all. During this year of 2023, relationships and [...]

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February 2022

February 2022 begins with a new moon occurring on the 1st of the month. The New Moon on February 1st 2022 At this time the energies would be focused in the areas of one’s community, friends and the social order of the world. Management would be the key word here. Hence, various organisations would play [...]

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December 2019 & the solar eclipse

A rainbow in the western desert of Tibet As we enter the last month of the year 2019, culminating in a solar eclipse, a clear vision of responsibilities that need to be addressed, lies before us. The month of December focuses on home matters, those in your care and matters relating to the homeland as [...]

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